For 2020, we’re moving to a virtual queuing system for all Guests called inLine. Learn more about it now and check out some frequently asked questions.

You’ll be able to use this reservation system to virtually wait in line for our attractions without having to stand in a queue the entire time. This will allow more time for you to spend with your group. So go ahead and enjoy a meal, watch a show, browse for souvenirs, or just take in the sights. We’ll let you know when to head to your ride.

This system just replaces the need to stand in line to wait for an attraction. It’s not a Fast Pass system.

How does inLine work?

      1. Create your reservation at an attraction. You’ll do this right through your phone. For those who don’t want to use a phone, we’ll have a wristband that can be used as an alternative.
      2. Find out what time you’ll ride. Your virtual wait time will be determined by the number of Guests waiting ahead of you in line.
      3. Check in at the attraction. A ride attendant will scan a QR code on your phone or use your wristband. At that point you’ll move into our normal queue for a few moments until you board.
      4. Enjoy your next attraction! Once you’ve ridden, you’ll be able to choose the next attraction you’d like to experience. It’s that simple.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many rides can I wait for at once?

Just one. This reservation system simply replaces the need for you to be standing in line to wait for one of our attractions to be ready.

What happens after I check in for my ride?

At that point, you’ll enter our normal queues for a short wait until you board the attraction.

Is there somewhere to safely store my phone while I ride?

Yes. All our major attractions have bins where you can store your phone while riding.

Are there any differences between using a phone or wristband?

Yes. Guests who check in using a phone will be updated if their wait time decreases or if a ride becomes unavailable due to weather or maintenance. Guests with a wristband won’t receive those updates.

Will I lose the time I’ve “waited” if a ride closes?

You won’t. Any time that you already waited will be counted toward your next attraction’s wait time if an attraction becomes unavailable due to weather or maintenance. This applies to both phone and wristband reservations.

Can I cancel a ride’s reservation?

Yes. You’re able to cancel your reservation for a ride at any time – even if your wait time is over.

Will this system be available in Splashin’ Safari?

At this point, no decisions have been made about using this system in Splashin’ Safari. Be sure to check back later for more information.

For more information on how we’re handling COVID-19, click here.

This information is subject to change or updates.