Register or get started with our inLine Reservation System!

For 2020, we’re moving to a virtual queuing system for all Guests called inLine. Learn more about it now and check out some frequently asked questions.

You’ll be able to use this reservation system to virtually wait in line for some of our most popular attractions without having to stand the entire time. This will allow more time for you to spend with your group. So go ahead and enjoy a meal, watch a show, browse for souvenirs, take in the sights, or visit a less-popular attraction while you wait. We’ll let you know when to head to your ride.

You’ll be able to wait in a virtual line for The Voyage while you wait for Turkey Whirl in a traditional line. The rides that will still be on the system will be our highest-demand rides, rides with lines we cannot safely extend into the midway, and rides that have indoor lines

This system just replaces the need to stand in line to wait for an attraction. It’s not a Fast Pass system.



How does inLine work?

1. Get a wristband. We’ll have Team Members right inside the gate ready with wristbands for you and your group. 

2. Register. Sign up using your email and a password, and add the 6-digit number from all wristbands from your group. You can add up to ten wristbands to one account. 

3. Reserve. You’ll do this right through your phone. For those who don’t have a smartphone, you can go to any gift shop (you can also visit Guest Relations or Holiday World Services) and our Team Members will make your reservation for you and tell you when to return to the attraction. 

4. Ride. A Team Member will scan the QR code on your wristband, and you’ll enter a physical queue that should only take 5-15 minutes. 

Use in Splashin’ Safari

When Splashin’ Safari opens for the season on July 4, we’ll be using traditional, socially-distanced lines for attractions instead of using the inLine Reservation System, but may modify operations at a later date if needed.

Rides in Holiday World that will continue to require inLine Reservation System:

  • The Raven
  • The Legend
  • The Voyage
  • Thunderbird
  • Frightful Falls
  • Gobbler Getaway

*Rudolph’s Reindeer Ranch will be running with counters so we can limit capacity. If the ranch is full, you’ll just need to wait a few minutes until another family leaves. 

Frequently Asked Questions


How many rides can I wait for at once?

Just one. This reservation system simply replaces the need for you to be standing in line to wait for one of our attractions to be ready.

Is it optional?

Using the inLine reservation System isn’t optional right now, but we’re experimenting with taking a few rides off the system now. This means that you can wait in line virtually for The Voyage while you stand in a physical line for Turkey Whirl.

Why do the roller coaster trains look empty? Why is my wait longer than it would be on a regular day?

We’re using this as a tool to help keep people out of line to make social distancing just a little bit easier. That said, we still need to maintain social distancing on our rides. You’ll find that wait times are longer because we can’t fill every seat on every coaster like we used to do.

Why don’t I see anyone else in line?

From time to time, the system may look like it’s not working: you may see a small number of people in line, but see an hour wait time. This just means there are people ahead of you in the virtual queue. It may appear like the system isn’t working, but that’s the goal: we want to keep as few people as we can in the physical line so we can allow groups to spread out around the rest of the park.

Is there a way to prepare ahead of time?

You can register early for our inLine Reservation System now! It’ll save you a few moments so you can go straight to inputting your wristband numbers and riding once you’re in the park.

What happens after I check in for my ride?

At that point, you’ll enter our normal queues for a short wait until you board the attraction.

Is there somewhere to safely store my phone while I ride?

Yes. All our major attractions have bins where you can store your phone while riding.

Are there any differences between using a phone or going to a gift shop?

Yes. Guests who check in using a phone will be updated if their wait time decreases or if a ride becomes unavailable due to weather or maintenance. Guests going to a gift shop won’t receive those updates. Guests using a phone will also have much easier access to other features including rescheduling a ride time and “Send a Friend.”

Will I lose the time I’ve “waited” if a ride closes?

You won’t. Any time that you already waited will be counted toward your next attraction’s wait time if an attraction becomes unavailable for the rest of the day. This applies to both phone and gift shop reservations.

Can I cancel a ride’s reservation?

Yes. You’re able to cancel your reservation for a ride at any time – even if your wait time is over.

What if my group wants to split up?

Select the “Send a Friend” option from the menu on your phone. Before you hit send, your “Friend” will need to set up their own account at Once their account is set up, you can enter their email address, and they’ll start their own session.

Is my time guaranteed?

We’ll do our best to guarantee your ride time, but sometimes we can’t predict everything. If you’re using a mobile device, your time will update automatically if there are delays or if other people leave the queue ahead of you. If you make your reservation at one of our gift shops or other locations, you won’t be able to get updates and may still have to wait after your reservation time.

How does this work with the Ride Boarding Pass?

Our Ride Boarding Pass System was created for Guests who are unable to stand in ride queues due to a disability. If you’re using the Ride Boarding pass, you’ll pick one up at Holiday World Services and register with our inLine Reservation System. You’ll follow the inLine Reservation System process above, but when your wristband is scanned, show your boarding pass to the Team Member. They’ll give you a card that will allow you to enter through the ride exit and they’ll let you on within a ride cycle or two.

Will this system be available in Splashin’ Safari?

As of 7/6/2020, we are not using inLine Reservation System in the water park. Splashin’ Safari has traditional, socially-distanced queues that will be marked with ground markings to help maintain spacing.

If we need to move to using the inLine Reservation System in Splashin’ Safari, Team Members at each ride entrance will be able to make a reservation for you so you won’t need to carry your phone with you if you don’t want to. Of course, you’ll still have the best experience if you can use your phone. 

The following water park attractions would be on the inLine Reservation System:

  • Cheetah Chase
  • Mammoth
  • Wildebeest
  • Zinga
  • Zoombabwe

For more information on how we’re handling COVID-19, click here.

This information is subject to change or updates.