Looking for a fun summer job? We’ve got it all right here.

You can dispatch a coaster, award prizes, or sell delicious hot funnel cakes. At Holiday World, it’s not a matter of IF you should work for us, it’s a matter of WHERE!

In 2020, we’re introducing four new initiatives: Cash Giveaways, Race to Refer, Work Today Get Paid Today, and Teacher Perks. Those are in addition to the perks that we were already offering!

The fun doesn’t stop when you clock out. Here are some of the job perks here at Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari:

Cash Giveaways

This summer, Holiday World is going to be the most fun summer job you’ve ever had! We’re giving away $15,000 in cash prizes including one $10,000 prize for a lucky employee!

Each shift (over one hour long) will count as an entry toward our cash giveaways, and we’ll have ten drawings for $500 prizes that happen every other week beginning June 1. You can only earn points for one shift per day.

Our $10,000 prize drawing will happen on August 24, 2020. 

Employees will accrue entries throughout the season. Certain days may qualify for additional entries. Only July 4, employees will receive four entries for their shift.

Team Members with more than 6 infraction points are not eligible to win during the pay period. Team members may work their infraction points down with an In-Focus training session. If an employee fails to show up for a shift and does not call in advance (No call, no show), all entries will be removed, and the employee will have to start earning entries at 0.

Race to Refer

The race is on to refer friends and family to work with you at Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari.

First, they need to apply online and use your name as the person who referred them. They cannot have worked for us last year.

The more they work, the more you’ll earn. You’ll accrue HoliPoints based on how many hours they work during each pay period.

Here’s how many points you’ll be able to earn based on those hours worked:

  Min Hours Max Hours HoliPoints
Tier 1 1 20 20
Tier 2 21 30 40
Tier 3 31 50 60
Tier 4 51 76 80
Tier 5 77 + 100

Teacher Perks

New this season: Teachers and Teacher Assistants are eligible for gift cards for their classrooms.

To qualify, just enroll in the program through HR by showing a valid school ID. You must begin work by June 1.

You’ll be able to earn up to a $200 Amazon gift card for your class based on the number of hours you work and how long you stay with us during the season.

  • For a $100 gift card, work 200 hours and stay through July 31
  • For a $150 gift card, work 225 hours and stay through Labor Day
  • For a $200 gift card, work 250 hours and stay through November 1

Other Perks You’ll Love

Click on one of the following perks to learn more!

Employee Season Pass That’s right! As a Holiday World Team Member, you can visit the park any time you’re not working. This pass is valid during your employment at Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari.
Discounts on Food & Merchandise Team members save 50% on food, and 20% on merchandise purchases in the park.
Two FREE Uniforms Each Team Member receives two free uniforms for the season.
Tickets & HoliPoints Earn points that you can use toward tickets for friends and family, free uniforms, or save them up for gift cards and other prizes!
Employee Transportation No car? No problem! With our Employee Transportation program, get a ride or walk to your nearest pick-up location and hop on a bus to Holiday World. Ride for a nominal fee each way, or purchase a season pass you can use all summer!
Exclusive Activities & Events What’s a fun summer job without fun things to do? Enjoy free luncheons throughout the season plus Exclusive Ride Time. Enjoy Cheetah Chase with no wait, then grab a slice or two of free pizza. You can even compete in the Holimpics – our special Team Member competition that only happens once a year. Athletic ability not required.
Employee Awards The Holiday Heroes Award recognizes employees who go above and beyond in giving each guest a Golden Guest experience. Award winners receive special recognition and prizes.

Team members who go the extra mile may be recognized with Holiday World Scratch-Off cards with treats picked for our employees.
Free Entry to Other Attractions Visit other parks and attractions in the surrounding area for free! The full list is available to Team Members through the employee portal.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our Human Resources team. You can email them at hr@holidayworld.com or by phone at 812-937-5252.

What are you waiting for? Apply to join our team now!