Happy National Water Coaster Day! 

We love a silly holiday at Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari. So when Wildebeest, the #1 Water Park Ride in the World for more than a decade, hit one million boats sent, we declared our first-ever holiday in the attraction’s honor: National Water Coaster Day. 

Our “Official” Decree: From henceforth, July 22 will be celebrated as National Water Coaster Day. 

Win Tickets and skip the line at the Water Coaster Capital of the World!

In honor of the second annual National Water Coaster Day, we’re giving away 6 Tickets for the 2022 Season, and 6 Quick Access Passes in celebration of National Water Coaster Day! Enter now before it’s too late! 

How can you celebrate National Water Coaster Day? 

If you’re lucky enough to have a water coaster at a water park near you, drop by and enjoy a lap! If you can’t visit, pretend to ride with our videos below, or watch more videos of water coasters online! Did you know that the first water coaster in the United States was Master Blaster at Schlitterbahn in New Braunfels, Texas? Splashin’ Safari may be the Water Coaster Capital of the World, but there are so many great water coasters in the nation–check them out, and make a list of the water coasters you’d like to visit! If you haven’t visited us yet, you can knock out riding the #1 Water Park Attraction in the World, as well as #2 and #4 on the list. That’s right. According to Amusement Today’s Golden Ticket Awards rankings from 2021, three of the top four water park attractions in the world are located in Santa Claus, Indiana! 


Wildebeest was built in 2010 and has won the Golden Ticket Award for Best Water Park Ride in the world for 11 years straight. 



Mammoth is Splashin’ Safari’s second water coaster, and holds a Guinness World Record for Longest Water Coaster in the World. And you get to ride facing your friends and family! 

Cheetah Chase 

Cheetah Chase debuted in 2020 and is the world’s first launched water coaster. Race against friends and family in this exciting–and splashtastic–ride.