Welcome to our TEAM!

View our COVID-19 Team Member Safety Plan here.

Attention: Our HR offices are operating on limited hours. Read on for more information.

Are YOU ready for our 2020 season? We understand this time of uncertainty can be difficult, and you are probably curious about what is to come. We are, too! However, we’ve adjusted our sights to protect our 2020 vision and are ready to share that view with YOU!

Our HR Office will be open limited hours to help ensure your onboarding process is complete! You will receive a link to complete the bulk of your paperwork online. Your on-site onboarding process should be quick and effortless! How can you expect your onboarding experience to look? Here’s a snapshot of what to expect:

Step 1. Complete Your Online Onboarding Packet In Its Entirety.

  • View each document carefully — only opt-out of the documents that do not pertain to your age category or state of residence.
    • The State of Indiana no longer requires work permits for those who are home-schooled and for those who are not residents of Indiana!
    • The State of Indiana has waived the work permit requirement for Indiana students for the time being. Don’t worry. We are monitoring the situation. If you need to obtain a work permit once hired, we will help provide the information to do so.
  • Are you a Kentucky Resident? Do you need your certificate of residence notarized? Don’t worry! We will have a notary on-site during our limited office hours who can notarize that for you. Complete the form with a note that you will need a notary when you come to see us.

Step 2. Visit our HR Office During our Limited Hours to Complete Your Onboarding.

  • Office hours are currently limited. We will keep you up to date on our office hours as they extend. Our office hours are listed below. All times are CENTRAL STANDARD TIME.
  • Be sure to bring your acceptable I-9 identification and complete your portion online before arriving at Holiday World.

More Information About Your Visit

Your Safety Matters!

View our COVID-19 Team Member Safety Plan here.

We encourage all employees to “self-check” before attempting to complete their onboarding process. If you have any symptoms listed below, you should wait to complete this process.

Don’t worry! Your offer for a 2020 seasonal team member position is still valid. We want to keep everyone healthy and safe!

To protect current members of our team and incoming team members, we have put into place some safety measures:

  • Employees visiting us to complete their onboarding process should wear a face covering.
  • Only employees are permitted to enter our Human Resources Lobby. We ask that all other members of the party wait in their vehicle.
  • Anyone entering the Human Resources Lobby will need to complete the on-site screening process before they are permitted to approach the onboarding window. The following outlines the screening process:
    • A temperature check: Employee’s temperature must be less than 100° F.
    • A series of questions will be asked:
      • Have you had personal contact with a confirmed COVID-19 individual?
      • Have you or anyone you have had personal contact with traveled outside of the U.S. or to a known COVID-19 hotspot within the past 14 days?
      • Have you had personal contact with someone experiencing flu-like illness within the past 14 days?
      • Do you currently have any of the following symptoms? Fatigue, cough, sneezing, aches and pains, runny/stuffy nose, sore throat, diarrhea, headache, or shortness of breath.
  • We ask that those waiting to complete their onboarding process practice appropriate social distancing – a minimum of 6 feet between you and others.
  • As we are transitioning back to our offices, our office hours are minimal. Please review the schedule of office hours above. ALL OFFICE HOURS ARE CENTRAL STANDARD TIME. Don’t worry! Our office hours will be extended in the weeks to come!

View our COVID-19 Team Member Safety Plan here.

Human Resources (HR) is located on the west side of our Employee Parking Lot on Highway 162 in Santa Claus. 

Still Have Questions?

Here’s how to contact us: Call 812-937-5252 or email hr@holidayworld.com

Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari believes in FUN, and we can’t spell fun without “U.” We’ll see you soon!