Rudolph’s Reindeer Ranch is right inside Holiday World’s front gate, in the Christmas section. Including classic rides from Santa Claus Land plus some newer delights, this section is for the smaller believers to enjoy. Check out these stories, videos and photos about the Rudolph’s Reindeer Ranch here on our HoliBlog.

Tips For Your Visit

  • Have smaller children hug their seahorse around the neck to hold on if they can’t reach above the Seahorse’s head. Please remind your child to always stay on the rides until the ride operator says it’s okay to get off. Seahorses are suspended and may sway.
  • Since these rides are close to the front gate, they tend to be busiest right when we open for the day. Tip: Visit the rides at Holidog’s FunTown first and swing back to the Ranch later in the day.
  • Sit in the front seat of one of Rudolph’s Round-Up’s sleighs if you’d like to control how high your sleigh goes (up to three feet high), using the joystick. Ride in the evening and see the sleighs all lit up.
  • Prep your little Thunder Bumpers riders ahead of time: The steering wheel makes an arrow. Point it where you want it to go! Just remember not to let the wheel go to only one side, or you’ll get stuck going in circles. Parents and older children can stand around the edges of the pool to encourage and cheer on those steering the boats!
  • Need a bedtime story? Our HoliBlog has tales about Rudolph’s Round-Up, Dasher’s Seahorses, Comet’s Rockets, Dancer’s Thunder Bumpers Junior, Prancer’s Merry-Go-Round, and Reindeer Games.
  • It’s fine for adult or older sibling to stand next to young child while riding Prancer’s Merry-Go-Round. Riders should spread out around the ride, so weight will be distributed evenly.
  • Remember, there are seats on both sides of Reindeer Games – try a seat on each side for a different view. If you have shoes without backs, take them off before taking a seat. Place all loose items you want to keep, including those in your pockets, on the shelf in front of you so the Reindeer don’t decide to play with them!

Height Restrictions

  • Dasher’s Seahorses – Maximum height 54”; maximum weight 65 pounds
  • Comet’s Rockets – Maximum height 54”; maximum weight 65 pounds
  • Rudolph’s Round-Up – Minimum height 36”; maximum weight 170 pounds per person and 440 pounds per sleigh
  • Dancer’s Thunder Bumpers Junior – Maximum height 54”; maximum weight 65 pounds
  • Prancer’s Merry-Go-Round – Maximum height 54”; maximum weight 65 pounds
  • Reindeer Games -42”