Gee Whillikers! That’s some Good Gravy!

Good Gravy!, Holiday World’s first family roller coaster, is a 1,500-foot wild ride to save Thanksgiving dinner! You’ll travel forward up a seven-stories-tall spike then backward to make more gravy and save Thanksgiving dinner! With a 38-inch minimum height and a max speed of 37 mph, this ride is sure to excite the whole family. 

Your journey begins at Thanksgiving dinner at Grandma Gracy’s house (her sister, Abigail, spends her time at Gobbler Getaway). Grandma Gracy is renowned for her Good Gravy, and Grandpa Gavin is its biggest fan! This year for Thanksgiving, the unthinkable happens: the family runs out of gravy! It’s up to you to help Grandma make more Good Gravy and save Thanksgiving dinner. 

As you whisk up a fresh batch of gravy, you’ll dodge gigantic kitchen accessories and ingredients, including a chicken timer, whisk, rolling pin, Koch Dairy bottle, and a box of Ruth’s Stuffing. 

Just like Thanksgiving dinner, there’s something for everyone! Good Gravy! is dynamic enough for thrill seekers, yet gentle and smooth enough for children and even Grandma Gracy. 

It’ll have the whole family saying, “Gee Whillikers! That’s some Good Gravy!” 


2024 Season Passes are on sale now!

Tips For Your Visit

  • Don’t miss the great amenities in Stuffing Springs during your visit! There’s a restroom, a play area for children, plenty of shade and fans, and an air-conditioned queue as you enter the Van Snoodle household. 
  • Keep your eyes peeled for our giant kitchen objects
    • Cranberry Jelly Can (Which doubles as a tunnel)
    • Rolling Pin
    • Whisk
    • Koch Dairy Bottle
    • Chicken Timer
    • Ruth’s Stuffing Box*

*Did you know Stove Top Stuffing was invented by Ruth Siems, of nearby Evansville, Indiana? We’re paying homage to her invention by naming our stuffing after her.