Step back into time and take a leisurely* drive in a “Tin Lizzie” antique car. Even your youngest “driver wannabe” can drive along the winding trail (as long as someone older is there to help). Both two- and four-seat cars are available. *Please note: “leisurely” may be in the eye of the beholder, depending on the “skills” of your young driver. Take a leisurely drive on over to our HoliBlog for more stories, videos and photos about the Lewis & Clark Trail.

Tips For Your Visit

  • If the driver is shorter than 42” tall, the front-seat passenger must be tall enough to help steer and press the foot pedal without either rider standing.
  • We require a minimum of two riders per car. Please keep this in mind when deciding on drivers/riders.
  • Please keep in mind, there is no standing up in the cars while out on the trail.
  • Want to take a picture? The cars not in use off the track make for great photo opportunities after exiting the ride.
  • The original Lewis & Clark Trail includes Clarksville, Indiana.
  • This attraction is not recommended for Guests who have a back or neck condition, have had recent surgery, injury, or illness, or who are pregnant.
  • Want to learn more about Lewis & Clark? Either grab a history book, or if you’re interested in our antique car ride, steer on over to our HoliBlog.