Monsoon Lagoon—which is about the size of a basketball court—provides more than 60 ways to get wet, including four water slides.

In addition to the four water slides, Monsoon Lagoon features a series of play levels packed with water-play activities such as water guns, waterwheels, water curtains, tipping buckets, geyser jets, pump guns, and a huge tipping bucket.

There is a gigantic bucket, 40 feet up, which constantly fills with water. And every few minutes, as the bucket fills up, it tips and splashes 1,000 gallons of water on the folks below.

There are 60 fun ways to get wet at Monsoon Lagoon. Watch the 1,000-gallon bucket fill with water and then dump a waterfall on the happy people below.

Tips For Your Visit

  • Don’t stand in line at Monsoon Lagoon. Get wet right away!
  • Heads up!  The giant bucket will dump once every minute!
  • Watch the waterfall a few times before standing beneath it. That’s a lot of water!
  • Little ones (under 6) must be accompanied by an adult.
  • This attraction is not recommended for Guests who have a back or neck condition, recent surgery, injury, or illness, or are pregnant.