This four-minute family ride is a soaker and lots of fun on a hot summer day. Raging Rapids starts off in a twisty subterranean tunnel then floats lazily for a bit. Watch out for those geysers!

Then … hold on tight!

Your boat will take a thrilling rush through Boulder Canyon, a flooded Western town. Your drenching journey will end as your boat meanders through the town’s saloon – watch out for the water curtain!

Ain’t it always the truth: whoever doesn’t want to get wet the most is somehow always the one to take the biggest splash!

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Tips For Your Visit

  • You will get wet!
  • Balance the size and weight of riders around your boat.
  • Only one rider per seat.
  • Shoes, shirts, and shorts must be worn on this ride.
  • If you decide to just watch, there’s an observation area where you can watch as your family gets soaked.
  • Don’t want to wait in a long line? Come cool off here in the afternoon or evening.
  • This attraction is not recommended for Guests who have high blood pressure, back or neck condition, recent surgery, injury, or illness, are pregnant, prone to motion sickness or dizziness, or heart condition.
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