The theme of The Legend wooden roller coaster is The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. On it, riders race through the woods as if chased in terror by the relentless Headless Horseman. In 2016, Legend was “reborn,” with nearly 1,400 feet of new track (all eight layers!) plus the addition of a fifth tunnel and a new double-down element!

The most dramatic drops measure 113 feet, 77 feet, and 64 feet (the 77-foot drop features the world’s first spiral drop). The double helix throws riders from side to side and the disorienting finish (with a new double-down feature added in 2016!) sends riders back to Ichabod Crane’s one-room schoolhouse to study up on just how extreme a coaster can be! Don’t look back as you race over to our HoliBlog for these stories, videos and photos about The Legend.

Tips For Your Visit

  • First time riding coasters? Work your way up by riding The Raven first, then The Legend ; save The Voyage and Thunderbird for last!
  • Wait till the afternoon to ride, as lines are shortest then.
  • Wait times tend to be longer for the front or back seats.
  • Don’t forget to leave any loose items you wish to keep – especially cell phones and keys – in the designated area of the station so the Headless Horseman won’t be able to snatch them from you.
  • If you manage to ride with your eyes open, you’ll get a lovely (if brief) view of Splashin’ Safari.
  • It should come as no surprise that a roller coaster themed for the Headless Horseman includes multiple “headchoppers,” including charges through five tunnels.
  • This attraction is not recommended for Guests who have high blood pressure, back or neck condition, recent surgery, injury, or illness, are pregnant, prone to motion sickness or dizziness, heart condition or a fear of heights.
  • Guests with an arm cast must be seated on the side of the car that keeps the cast away from the adjacent rider.
  • Want more? There are lot more stories, videos and photos about The Legend wooden roller coaster here on our HoliBlog.