The Raven wooden roller coaster flies wildly through the thickly wooded hillside of Holiday World’s Halloween section. Although it’s not the tallest or longest coaster at Holiday World, it is a fan favorite for its low swoop over Lake Rudolph, surprise fifth drop and extreme finish. Additionally, the coaster features a 120-foot tunnel, drops of 85 and 61 feet, sharp turn over Lake Rudolph and a double-banked “s” curve at the bottom of fifth hill. Just like a good book, The Raven leaves riders wanting more … evermore! Fly over to our HoliBlog to check out these stories, videos and photos about The Raven.

Tips For Your Visit

  • Work your way up by riding The Raven first, then The Legend and finally The Voyage.
  • Unless you are a first-time coaster rider, ride the Voyage first for shorter lines.
  • Its lift hill greets you as you enter the park at the beginning of the day.
  • You can find the ride entrance through the black gate. The big wooden bridge is the exit.
  • Sit in the front seat for the view and in the back seat for the air-time.
  • Wait times tend to be longer for the front or back seats
  • Lines are shortest in the afternoon.
  • Don’t forget to leave any loose items you wish to keep, including those in your pockets – especially cell phones and keys – in the designated area of the station so the Raven won’t steal them.
  • There’s nowhere in the park you can stand and see all of The Raven. Its route remains a mystery – evermore!
  • Think you’ve figured The Raven out? Ride it after dark!
  • The incredible “S curve” coming out of the fifth drop was added to the design in order to save a row of trees.
  • Spooky facts: The name “The Raven” was chosen for our first wooden coaster exactly 145 years to the day following the death of Edgar Allan Poe. The poem “The Raven” was first published in 1845; our coaster by the same name premiered 150 years later, in 1995. Ravens used to thrive in Indiana. The last sighting of ravens nesting in southern Indiana was in 1894. This was exactly 100 years before construction of The Raven roller coaster began in the town of Santa Claus, Indiana.
  • This attraction is not recommended for Guests who have high blood pressure, back or neck condition, recent surgery, injury, or illness, are pregnant, prone to motion sickness or dizziness, heart condition, or a fear of heights.
  • Guests with an arm cast must be seated on the side of the car that keeps the cast away from the adjacent rider.
  • Want more? There are lot more stories, videos and photos about The Raven wooden roller coaster here on our HoliBlog.