Join Holidog, Kitty Claws, and all their friends for some singing and dancing fun in Holidog’s FunTown! They also perform in these street shows – Santa’s Elves and the Dressmaker, Holidog’s Crazy Science, Kitty’s Great Halloween Party, and Olympic Tryouts with George – located throughout the park, followed by lots of Meet & Greet hugs.

Fun Street Shows

Santa’s Elves and the Dressmaker
Find out if our Elves can help the Dressmaker finish her dress before she wakes!

Holidog’s Crazy Science
Our two scientists need your help with their experiments involving ice, salt, and balloons!

Kitty’s Great Halloween Party
Come dance with Kitty Claws and get a chance to turn our mascots into mummies with our “mummy roll”!

Olympic Tryouts with George
Can you win a friendly competition in just 60 seconds? Come have fun while you find out!

For show times, please visit our Park Hours page and click on the date of your visit.