… then you’ll want to join your fellow coaster enthusiasts for HoliWood kNights 2020 on August 28 & 29 for this quest! 

This year’s theme is: “The HoliWood kNights who say ‘WHEE!'” 

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Helpful hint: If you haven’t seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail, you might have some homework to do before you arrive in May.

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HoliWood kNights Auction
Be sure to check out our online auctions for physical items like coaster flag sets, a Voyage coaster train logo, and event book. All proceeds from our auction benefit Give Kids the World.

Voyage & Thunderbird Walkback Tour
Event attendees can click here to book their walk-back tour time for Saturday, August 29. To ensure room for social distancing and expedite as many participants as possible through the walk back experience, the ride enclosure near Thunderbird’s barn will not be available during this walk back.

This popular annual event is open exclusively to card-carrying members of 10 amusement park-related clubs (see sidebar for Partner Club list) and their guests.

One… two… five… Guests (Just kidding, there’s no limit)

If you do not belong to one of our Partner Clubs, then you must come as a club member’s guest. The club member will serve as your interpreter throughout the event. Seriously, though, any guests must register for the event with the club member. All HoliWood Nights attendees will sign our event Code of Conduct when you pick up your registration packets (with the understanding that the club member is responsible for his or her guest’s behavior). We don’t limit the number of guests a club member can bring.

Originally purchase a ticket that included all day Friday and all day Saturday? Contact our Call Center for updated options at 812-937-4401.

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