Employee Bus Transportation: Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I purchase a bus ticket or season pass?
One-way tickets and season passes are available for purchase at HoliMarket and must be presented to
the bus driver before you board the bus.

How much do tickets and season passes cost?
One-way tickets are $3.00 and a season pass offering unlimited rides is $150.00. Both are are nonrefundable.

What if I forget my ticket or pass?
Riders will need to purchase a ticket upon arrival at Holiday World.

Where are the bus stop pick-up locations?
We have 12 pick-up locations. They are (click the name to view a map of the location):

Do I have to wear my uniform on the bus?
Yes, all riders must wear their park uniforms while riding the bus to work. Bus riders may wear their
everyday clothes home as long as they follow our dress code. Following our dress code ensures a clean,
positive experience for all riders. You should also be in compliance with our appearance standards.

Can a non-employee friend or family member ride the bus with me?
No, our insurance only covers employees traveling to and from their work assignment.

Can I ride the bus on days that I am not scheduled to work?
No, our insurance only covers employees traveling to and from their work assignment.

What are the bus rules?
Riders are expected to comply with all Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari rules and policies while on the
bus or waiting at pick-up/drop-off locations. These rules include but are not limited to keeping the aisle clear of
obstructions, keeping conversations to a reasonable volume, remaining seated at all times, and following
instructions provided by the driver. These rules are in place to ensure safe conditions.

Where can I find the employee transportation schedule?
Schedules can be viewed on the ADP app and HoliFlash in HR.