Jeff & Katie, sittin’ in a … coaster

Voyage is truly the roller coaster of love.

(Sorry, now that song is stuck in your head, isn’t it? Misery loves company…)

A coaster enthusiast emailed me a month or so ago, asking about how he could go about getting engaged here at the park.

Is it rude of me to ask, "Are you SURE she’ll say yes?" and "Are you SURE she’ll want to be asked so publicly?"

I ask all the proposers-to-be that. (Would rather not create bad memories here at Holiday World, you know?)

Jeff was certain that Katie would say "yes" happily, publicly.

Okay, then.

So we continued to email. Over the years, we’ve had proposals involving Santa, at the high-dive show, and others taking place during our musical shows. (And those are the ones we’ve heard about.)

Jeff didn’t want to go the show route. Katie would figure it out.

So he made this sign and shipped it to us ahead of time:

Marry me!

…and we assured him it would be in place on Saturday.


Tori and her coaster crew saw to it that the sign was displayed on the console at The Voyage.


Proposal at The Voyage

Tori told me this morning the ride crew members didn’t want to take their lunch breaks at the normal time. They didn’t want to miss the big moment.

Everyone’s a romantic.

The big moment came at last:

Katie saw the sign.

Jeff got down on his knee.

Katie said "yes."

Katie & Jeff: engaged

And they’ll live happily ever after.