Caption contest: Tickle our funny bone!

Our entire staff was challenged with decorating Holiday World for Happy Halloween Weekends.

And lots of crews from all sorts of departments stepped up and created some cute, clever, hilarious and even creepy displays.

This one made me laugh enough that I took a picture (truth be told, I was sort of out of breath from hoofing all over the grounds, so the 10 seconds of rest was nice).

So now it's time for you to make me laugh, or to keep with the theme – tickle my funny bone!

So here's a quick Caption Contest – the winner will receive two one-day tickets to this year's Happy Halloween Weekends.

Caption contest

A few rules:

1. Must be 13 or older to enter.

2. Must not be an employee or immediate family member of Holiday World & Splashin' Safari.

3. Yes, you may enter more than once. Because you're just that witty, right? But five times per person is the limit. Really. And only one caption per posted Comment, please.

4. Deadline is this Friday at noon. That's 10/12/12 at 12 noon CDT. We'll notify the winner by email on Friday.

How to enter? Post your hilarious caption to the above photo as a  Comment here on this HoliBlog post (we moderate our Comments, so don't go booo-listic when it doesn't show up right away, okay? As long as you don't go all naughty on us, we'll post your caption).

Good luck! And we hope you can join us, weekends in October, for Happy Halloween Weekends!

What a difference a month makes

Tyler in "Real Country" at Holiday World
Remember Tyler from this season's cast of of our "Real Country" show?

… such a nice, clean-cut young man.

Talented, too.

Well, over the past month he has undergone quite a dramatic transformation, to say the least …

Others, too.

Just wait till you see Amanda, Leah, Lauren, Trevor, Jasmine, Robert and Kyle.

Such a transformation …

Tyler in Graveyard Smash

Don't you dare miss Graveyard Smash, performed every weekend in October in the Hoosier Celebration Theater!


‘O Tannenbaum’ no more

… well, not until next May, anyway.

Yesterday, we asked if anyone could guess exactly what Vanessa and Chris were up to in this photo:

Mystery photo

Let's pull back to see the full photo:

Christmas tree

Congratulations to Josh in St. Louis, who correctly identified that Vanessa and Chris were putting Halloween decorations on our big Christmas tree. (Not lights, just decorations.) Josh wins two tickets to Happy Halloween Weekends.

Here are some other photos from yesterday's decoration duties…

Instead of a Christmas star or angel, our Halloween Tree gets an eight-legged tree topper:

Spider tree topper

Even though Vanessa knows that's not a real arachnid, she's still not getting too close! And Chris looks like he's not taking any chances of that varmint getting away:

Spider tree topper

Here are just of few of the decorations Vanessa picked out for our massive Halloween Tree:

Decorations for Halloween Tree

Just a few more ghostly touches …

Decorating Holiday World's Halloween Tree

And our Halloween Tree is ready for Happy Halloween Weekends!

Halloween Tree

The ghosts look extra spooky when there's a breeze.

Are you planning to visit this weekend for the start of Happy Halloween Weekends? A crew from the Travel Channel will be here, and they're hoping lots of riders will be in Halloween costumes, as they're working on a show for 2013 called "Halloween's Scariest Thrills" (please click here for details). As of right now, the plan is to concentrate on Legend on Saturday and Raven on Sunday. Selected costumed coaster riders might even get a few extra in-the-dark rides. As Dan would say, "Sounds spooktacular!"

And do we have any guidelines for costumes in the park? Well, yes we do:

In keeping with our G-rated park atmosphere, we do have a few rules for costume-wearers:

1. Family-friendly only, please – no blood, guts, gore, or revealing costumes

2. No weapons (real or fake)

3. No masks

When riding rides, you will need to remove any capes, hats, wigs, handheld props/accessories and anything else that might change the shape of your body or height.

Hope to see you this weekend!

Another chance to win Halloween tickets

Hoping to win two one-day tickets to Happy Halloween Weekends?

Be the first to identify what's going on in this photo and they're yours! (You must be at 13 years old and not an employee of the park or the immediate family member of one to enter.)

We'll tell you who – it's Vanessa and Chris.

We'll tell you when – today.

What are they doing

You need to tell us what and where. One easy statment – leave it as a comment at the bottom of this HoliBlog post. Your email address will be hidden when you post your guess so we can easily reach the winner (don't leave your email, phone number or other private info in your "comment," please – just your guess).

Just one guess (what are they doing – and where?) per email address, please. And don't worry if your comment doesn't show up right away – we use moderated comments here, to keep the naughty posts hidden from sight.

If you win, you just might want to visit this weekend – the Travel Channel will be here! They're working on a show called Halloween's Scariest Thrills (click here for details) and want to feature our two Halloween-themed coasters: Raven and Legend.

Good luck!