Fall protection

Fall protection? Who needs protection from brilliantly colored leaves and crisp, cooler weather?

Oh … that kind of fall. This morning started off with safety training.

This is Richard:

Safety training

Richard spoke to our staff members who don't just dream of going high places as part of their job. These hard-working members of our team aim high in every way.

Who gathered in the plaza at Splashin' Safari this morning? Let's see, it was our Coaster Cats, Maintenance Technicians, IT, Warehouse, Carpenters, Painters, Grounds and even a member of Communications (Nathan likes to take wide shots of corn mazes from way-up-high), plus our Safety Committee. They all pulled together to gain new knowledge about fall protection.

Safety Training

Safety Craig holds a sample of a safety harness that's only used for training. See the "Danger" tag? How better to learn what to look for on your safety harness than to study one that's been deemed unsafe?

Safety Craig at fall-protection training

Lee and Tony are going over every inch of their harnesses. They're looking at the stitching and checking the fabric to make sure it isn't worn. The metal pieces are also examined to be sure they're not nicked or otherwise damaged.

Lee and Tony check their safety harnesses

Safety Craig and Coaster Cat Drew work through the checklist. And then they check it twice (Santa's rubbed off on us over the years!).

Safety Craig and Drew

When your office has no walls or ceiling, you're glad for days like today.

Coaster Cats

Stay safe, everyone!


Costumes welcome

During our Happy Halloween Weekends, you're invited to wear family-friendly costumes.

You know, like these:

Halloween costumed

Our Happy Halloween Weekends page includes information about safe and appropriate costumes for your visit.

For example, Safari Sam would need to remove his hat before riding our roller coasters.

Safari Sam in costume

Meanwhile, we have just two more weekends left to celebrate – we hope you can join us! Tickets for Happy Halloween Weekends are available online, discounted to less than $25 per person ($17.95 for Guests-under-54" and Seniors).

Costume contest

Hoping to win tickets to Happy Halloween Weekends? Here's a fun contest from our friends at WBKR radio:


They're picking winners all this week. Good luck!

Whom do we thank …

…for this pretty weather?

I say we should thank Christy:


A pause for the Claws

Planning to join us for Happy Halloween Weekends?

Kitty Claws

Be sure to grab a show schedule so your little ones can catch Kitty's Dance Party toward the end of the day.

The more the merrier!

Kitty Claws at Holiday WorldYou and the kiddos will quickly discover that Kitty isn't just into ballet, as her choice of skirt and slippers might suggest.

She can boogie, twist and sashay with the best of them!

Kitty's Dance Party takes place in front of the Holiday Theater, (the red building which is the venue for Holidog's 3D Halloween Adventure).

There's plenty of room for Kitty, Holidog, and their little friends to move to the music. Children are welcome to dance in their Halloween costumes, but it's not necessary.

Our cuddly kitty cat can also come home with you, in miniature form. We hear reports from parents whose children love to carry Kitty with them wherever they go that she's holding up very well under all that lovin'.

Kitty Claws plush in the HoliShop


Who needs a thousand words?

Since selfies – and zombies, for that matter – are all the rage these days, we present to you the cast of Graveyard Smash, Selfie Edition.

First, the understated rocker, Sharkey, whose hair stands at attention for all eternity.

Rocker zombie

Next. ghostly Leah shows how a touch of color can make any zombie more fascinating.


Wolfman Will howled when we asked him to give us a grin.


Clearly, Pirate Katelyn has fallen behind in her flossing regimen since becoming a zombie.

Pirate Katelyn

If undertaker Trevor's eyebrows were wooly worms, we'd be in for record snowfall this winter!

Undertaker Trevor

"It's not easy being green," says witchy-woman Lauren.

Witch Lauren

Apparently, vampire Brian won the draw to give us this oh-so-attractive duck-lips selfie.

Vampire Brian

And finally, Lauren – our living doll.

Or not.

(She is a zombie, after all.)

Lauren the broken doll

And here they all are, together and undead.

It's the time of the season for them to sing and dance

… but after October 27, our zombies will disappear for another year, so do not delay.

Tickets for Happy Halloween Weekends are available online, discounted to less than $25 per person ($17.95 for Guests-under-54" and Seniors). With Graveyard Smash, other Halloween shows, great rides, spooky mazes and 2,913 pumpkins, it's a spooktacular time!

Our zombies are cute enough to cuddle

Just look at those sweet faces!

Who could resist such winning smiles? Why, Wolfman even retracted his claws for this photo.

Say cheese, zombies!

Graveyard Smash cast

Rumor has it if you hold on to your 3D glasses from Holidog's 3D Halloween Adventure and wear them during Graveyard Smash, they add a whole new dimension (ahem!) to this show. Has anyone tried it?

There are just three more weekends remaining until our Happy Halloween Weekends festivities conclude another year. Hope you can join us for all the howling-good fun!

Gourdon the talking pumpkin

Have you met Gourdon?

Gourdon the talking pumpkin

He's new this fall.

Santa's Storytime Theater has been transformed into Gourdon's Hollow, just for Happy Halloween Weekends. (Don't worry! Santa will be back in May!)

Gourdon likes to entertain children with Halloween stories and jokes. Take a look:

Be sure to catch Gourdon's Tales from the Patch when you visit us for Happy Halloween Weekends!

A howling good time

What fun we had today!

We started out first thing this morning with a trip to Louisville, for an appearance on WAVE-3 Listens Live.

Along with Matt and Kitty, we brought five members of the Graveyard Smash show.

In costume and makeup.

While we waited in the lobby of the TV station, another set of guests arrived.

"Oh, we can help you. We love a challenge!"

Laser hair removal specialists

The two ladies specialize in a variety of "look and feel better" treatments, including laser hair removal.

When they mentioned Wolfman during their interview with host John Ramsey, he nearly fell off his chair.

WAVE-3 Listens Live

Then it was our turn.

Matt and Kitty Claws talked about all the rides, shows and attractions we have available for visitors during Happy Halloween Weekends.

Well, Kitty mostly purred.

Matt and Kitty Claws

Next, our Graveyard Smash zombies performed the Thriller dance and chatted it up with John.

They talked about how fun it is to perform as singing/dancing zombies on stage and then meeting-and-greeting the audience members afterwards, being careful not to scare the little ones.

Zombies from Holiday World

Have you entered our Happy Halloween Weekends Sweepstakes yet? We'll choose three winners at random on Monday, who will each receive two one-day tickets to 2013's Halloween event. Good luck to all!