By Paula @ Holiday World

This was such a nice surprise! Business strategist and New York Times best-selling author Jay Baer is a fan. He chose our Free Unlimited Soft Drinks program as the topic of the first episode of his Talk Triggers Show:

Free Unlimited Soft Drinks at Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari began back in the year 2000. (Who remembers Y2K?)

That makes this our 20th season of stating, “Make yourself at home – drinks are on us!”

FREE Unlimited Soft Drinks

Not every fountain offers the same “menu” of soft drinks. Here’s where to find the list of what’s available and where.

By the way, you’re welcome to bring a refillable cup from home to use throughout the day. It just needs to be empty when you enter the park.

Which is your favorite?

Or do you mix up a delicious concoction combining several soft drinks? Post your “recipe” below!
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One Response to “Drinking up the praise”

  1. Chandler Bainter

    I’m glad HWSF is encouraging people to bring reusable containers. It serves two purposes. 1) It cuts down on HW’s costs in providing this awesome park amenity. Free to me is not free to them The more they can keep the cost down, the less they have to raise ticket prices We all win if the price is right. 2) More importantly, it eliminates waste. The fewer cups we use, the less raw materials have to be consumed in the beginning and less product goes to the trash at the end.

    If there is another award for this effort, then Holiday World and Splashing Safari should get it.