By Josh @ Holiday World

It’s time for another Cheetah Chase Check-In!

If you’ve been following the Cheetah Chase construction on our SplashCam lately, you’ll notice that we haven’t installed any new fiberglass pieces recently.

That’s because our attention has turned to the station.

Well. The tank underneath the station.

Last week we started pouring the balance tank for Cheetah Chase.

When finished, it will hold 68,000 gallons of water.

The first concrete is poured for the balance tank.

Shortly after I posted a photo of the first concrete to be poured on Facebook, someone asked the question.

“What’s a balance tank?”

I figured it was time to give a more in-depth look into what was going on.

The balance tank is a water reservoir that will hold all the water needed for Cheetah Chase to run smoothly.

Before the attraction opens, it will be filled with 68,000 gallons of water.

Once Cheetah Chase is operating, it will be about halfway full. The rest of the water will be in the pipes around the attraction or blasting your raft around the slide as you race toward the finish line. Once finished, the water will come right back to the tank.

Cheetah Chase Balance Tank as seen from The Voyage
The Cheetah Chase balance tank as seen from The Voyage’s lift hill.

Since it’s underneath the station for Cheetah Chase, we have no doubt that the water will be nice and cool for your first race.

Check out the latest episode of our Hard Hat Chronicles series for a more in-depth update on Cheetah Chase, The Voyage, and the Star Spangled Carousel!

We’ll have more updates as we get closer to Opening Day on May 2.

Who will you choose to ride along on your first race around the World’s First Launched Water Coaster?

If you’d like to ride Cheetah Chase all season long, be sure to pick up your Season Pass by February 15. You can save $25 off the normal price and the option to choose our Easy Pay program disappears soon.

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8 Responses to “What’s a Balance Tank?”

  1. Aron lane

    Do the people in the water park maintenance work on the rides been told they dont do there on work on the rides

    • Sabrina @ Holiday World

      Our maintenance team works on all of our attractions with some work being done by outside contractors.

  2. Tess Christie

    I am a senior, 75, and I visited your water park for the first time last summer. I thought it was a wonderful place and want to come back. I have trouble walking and didn’t find any lockers available when we got there. Wanting to spend most of our time in the water park was the goal. Without a locker you can’t really use anything but the wave area without a locker. I saw that the wheelchairs were $50 a day. I can’t afford that so I am wishing you had something a little less expensive… and since the Water things are at the bottom and you have to walk uphill to get back to the top and other things… It almost means that older people can’t really use the park. The question is “Is there a solution”????